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Latest News Uncle Bens Block Party Guest List

Uncle Bens Block Party Guest List

Uncle Bens Block Party Guest List

November 29th, 2014 12:26 pm

There’s just 3 weeks to go until Uncle Bens Block Party comes to The Drum, and we are very excited. We know that Christmas is a special time for family and friends to get together and be merry together, but it doesn’t always go that way for Uncle Ben! He decided it’s time to make amends so he’s throwing a party, he’s bought the party hats, crackers, booked a local sound system and stocked up on a few bottles of Rum…

So let’s go and meet the rest of his guests; the first person we’ll meet today is Robert’s mother Valerie, a single mother from Jamaica working hard to make ends meet. She is flirtatious with Ben and is on a mission to get him on her side. Robert and his mother don’t always seem to see things the same way!

Next is the ghost of Vivian, Collet’s mother, who sadly passed away shortly after having her youngest child Ryan. She was a very humble, calm, wise and gentle lady who loved her family. Collet has struggled with her mother’s death growing up and tries not to talk or think about it.

Last, but not least on the guest list is Simon, Collet’s first love! He used to live down the road from Uncle Ben’s family. Over the years he has grown up into a very successful businessman, setting up his own insurance company, which is now worth multi-millions. He’s been out of touch with the neighbourhood, but now he’s now back… and ready to re-kindle things with Collet!

Make sure you join us and get into the Christmas spirit, with our early bird offer only available until 5pm, Sunday 30 November, tickets to the party are priced only £10.50 (£8.50) and a Family Ticket for just £37.50*. To get your tickets to the party by calling The Drum’s Box Office on 0121 333 2444, or visiting www.the-drum.org.uk

* Please note that the family ticket entitles either, two adults and two children or one adult and three children to attend.