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Latest News Meet the Family! Uncle Bens Block Party


Meet the Family! Uncle Bens Block Party

November 20th, 2014 2:10 pm

There’s just 4 weeks to go until Uncle Bens Block Party comes to The Drum, and we cannot wait! As Christmas is a special time, we’d like everything to go perfect, but that is not the case! After getting some unexpected news from his doctor and some very strange dreams, he’s decided it’s time to make amends and change his ways for the better! Uncle Ben has booked the local sound system, bought his party hats and crackers, and stocked up on mince pies, samosas, fried dumplings and a few bottles of Rum! Everything’s going perfect… until his family cause some trouble! So let’s meet a few of them…

The main man is Uncle Ben! He is a single father who’s raised his kids alone, whilst struggling to maintain his home, he is working hard to pay off his mortgage and raise his family up the right way. He’s very close to his friends and family, especially his daughter Collet, who he’s always there for.

Next, we meet Collet, who is Uncle Ben’s daughter and married to Robert. She has always struggled with her mother’s death, but is very close to her father. They don’t agree at times, but they always have love and respect for each other.

Robert is Collet’s husband, and was bundled into a quick marriage when Collet decided she didn’t want to reach a certain age and still be single, but the marriage is on the verge of ending, and tensions are running high between them both.

Next week, we will meet another 3 characters from Uncle Bens Block Party, so be sure to keep a look out!

Make sure you join us and get into the Christmas spirit! We still are offering our early bird ticket, which is only £10.50 and a Family Ticket for just £37.50, available until 5pm on Sun 30 Nov! All you need to do is call The Drum’s Box Office on 0121 333 2444, or visit www.the-drum.org.uk