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Latest News Arts On Your Doorstep – Flat Out


Arts On Your Doorstep – Flat Out

October 10th, 2014 3:07 pm

Here at The Drum we’re always looking for ways to make the arts more interesting, more accessible, and more involving for the local community. Whether neighbourhood festivals or creative workshops, we want you to get involved and have a fantastic time with the arts.

That’s why we’ve taken the ultimate step, and given local residents the chance to create and choreograph their own unique performance, working with Birmingham Royal Ballet and the University of Birmingham, as part of Family Arts Festival 2014. We are proud to present Flat Out, a unique fusion of Dance, Music and Film created by the local community, for the local community.

For the last several weeks, dance experts from Birmingham Royal Ballet have been working with the residents and families of Inkerman House, the high-rise flats just opposite The Drum, to create a performance inspired by the experiences, stories, aspirations and perspectives of the families who live there. The highs and lows, love and hate, tears and laughter of a typical family life have been interpreted into dance, creating a truly unique art form with universal elements any family will recognise.

To house this innovative performance, a specially commissioned recreation of a typical family flat will be built in The Drum by Willmott Dixon.

The project aims to give local families a more direct hand in creating arts events which speak directly to their experiences and interests – not just creating Community Arts, but understanding the Art of Community, bringing neighbours together to appreciating and celebrate what unites us, yet makes us unique. Whether Dance and Music or Crafts and Cooking, everyone has a way of expressing themselves and Flat Out celebrates this in an open, entertaining environment.

The production will be performed at 12pm3pm and 7pm throughout the day on Sat 25 Oct, with space at each performance for up to 70 audience members. Everyone is welcome, and admission is free.