Black History Month 2015 red poster

Black History Month Week 3

17 Oct, 2015

Recognize Trip to the International Slavery Museum – Liverpool

£10 - £15 (including concessions)

The International Slavery Museum in Liverpool

The museum explores the historical and contemporary aspects of slavery through stories of bravery and rebellion amongst enslaved people. You’ll also learn about the legacies of the slave trade and celebrate Black achievement through its interactive displays.

The International Slavery Museum explores life in West Africa, revealing what was going on in Africa at the time of the trade, and who was involved.

Travel Slavery History Walk with Eric Lynch
£7 Adults / £5 Children

For more information email recognize@live.co.uk

For tickets ring the Box Office 07594 325579



Merseyside Maritime Museum (3rd Floor)

Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AX