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Latest News Award-Winning Pandora’s Box comes to The Drum

Award-Winning Pandora’s Box

Award-Winning Pandora’s Box comes to The Drum

September 24th, 2014 9:42 am

The Award-Winning Pandora’s Box production is coming to The Drum on Wed 1 Oct, as part of Nigerian 54 Independence Day Celebrations. There are some experiences so unique and personal they must be lived to be understood, and being a parent can hold many such worries. Yet sometimes, experience can be so powerful, some emotions so deep, that they transcend all boundaries, speaking to us on a deeply and universally human level. Nowhere is this more perfectly illustrated that this breath-taking play.

“You think England is hard? Compared to Nigeria? My dear, you haven’t seen anything yet!”

On holiday with her streetwise and rebellious son in Lagos, a mother is in turmoil. Should she leave her only child in a strict boarding school to learn the discipline the might turn his life around, or return him to inner London, where a future of diaspora, violence and uncertainty awaits in a country they call ‘home’, but feel like strangers in?

A moving mix of comedy, tragedy and family drama, Pandora’s Box exposes the heart-rending dilemmas faced by parents, whilst addressing the unique feelings of diaspora and confused identity experienced by British families divided between generations and cultures.

The play is presented in association with this year’s Nigerian 54 Independence Day Celebrations, marking the fifty fourth year to the day since Nigeria achieved democratic independence in 1960. Throughout the world from New York to Sydney, festivals, parades and parties will be held to celebrate both this monumentous achievement and everything about Nigerian culture. The Drum is proud and honoured to be a part of the celebrations, and hope you’ll join us for this unique and touching event.

Click here to book your tickets for this incredible theatrical experience for only £12.50. You won’t be disappointed.