Quiet Period at The Drum


**UPDATE Tue 12 Feb**

The building will be closed to the public until at least Fri 15 Feb. Box Office phones will be answered as normal and tickets will be available either by phone or on the website, but not in person.

If you have any meetings arranged with any of our staff over the next few days they will meet you in the car park entrance and escort you into the building.


January and February will see a quiet period at The Drum where public access to some of the spaces will be limited.

As some of you may remember in May, due to the heavy rain, The Drum sustained severe damage to its roof and some of the internal spaces were subsequently flooded. Following the flood the venue was closed for one day and temporary measures were put into place so that we could continue with presenting our autumn season’s programme.

We are now in a position to repair the damage at The Drum, as such we will not be programming in January and February. Staff will, however, continue to work from the building and some of our commercial hires and activities will also continue. Details of public access in the interim period will be announced in early January and we look forward to reopening to the public in late February 2013.

During this period we will not be producing a spring brochure as normal, however, our programming team are putting an exciting season of events for the late spring and summer. All these events will be featured in our combined brochure which will be released in late spring.

Quiet Period at The Drum Press release

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Random Acts of Kindness Week 2013

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

This year Random Acts of Kindness Week is Mon 11-Sun 17 Feb. Last year we didn’t have much time to plan as we learned about Random Acts of Kindness Week once the activities had already begun, so this year we really wanted to take advantage of the head start. We planned to pass out goody bags and cards throughout Birmingham. On Monday due to the weather we scaled back our plans a bit and just went to nearby places around Newtown Shopping Centre and One Stop Shopping Centre in Perry Barr. Unfortunately our camera stopped working so we don’t have any images of actually giving the bags out. On Tuesday the Marketing Department shared the samples we get from promotional gift companies (pens, pencils, post-its, CDs, pedometer, keychains, magnets, etc). On Wednesday we sent gold stars to our colleagues around the office and we also shared stars on Facebook and Twitter to recognise a  job well done. On Thursday we randomly selected someone on Facebook to win a CD. Throughout the week colleagues have been pitching in to clear a storage space at The Drum and this culminates on Friday.

If you want to join in the fun you can find some inspiring ideas on our Pinterest board.

Let us know how you participate either in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter use the hashtag: #rakweek .

See a few prep images on Facebook.

To see our blog post from Random Acts of Kindness Week last year click here.